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Bus Business

As a pioneer of door operating equipment for buses, our company has always lead the industry by successively developing new products utilizing our rich experience and creative technical power.

We specialize in door operating equipment for folding and sliding doors which have long been popular with bus users throughout Japan. Best selling features include compact and lightweight design.

To cope with the wide diversity of buses on the market, our company has developed various types of door operating equipment which have been well received by bus users.

TR-63A1 TR-75A1 TR-50B1 LN2

TM-26P TM-4D5N TM-3W5N TM-3E13

Railways Business

Various types of door shutting devices have been developed according to their places of storage, interlocking mechanisms, or their relations with solenoid valves, etc. At present, their mainstream is Y4 and Y6 types of a headjamb installed and direct movement style. Aside from these, we manufacture components associated with the door system such as conductor-operated switches and door opening/shutting control devices.

Y4R- Btype Y4S - 5Atype

Barrier free Products

ln line with the society aiming at the convenience of handicapped and aged persons, our company is offering "human-friendly get-on/off systems" for bus passengers by developing and importing/ selling equipment suitable for particular applications in combination with our door operating equipment and safety devices.

Mirage 1 Mirage 2 K Series Portable slope

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